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Construction Estimating Software

It’s Never Been Easier To Quickly And Accurately Generate Detailed Material And Bid Reports.

Pro Bids simple construction estimating software makes creating detailed material lists and accurate bid reports a breeze. Our estimating software was created by industry professionals, combined with leading edge software developers that have a background in the construction industry. We have worked in the industry and have done what you do every day so we understand what you need to be successful and profitable.

We currently provide estimating software for the following trades:

You’ll find our construction estimator very easy to use. In fact, it is so easy to use that the most technically challenged person can be creating perfect bids in no time. With our construction estimating software, you will have 100% knowledge and be up and running within the first use. The dashboard is simple, very user friendly and the simplistic functionality along with built in lists gives you the comfort of knowing that your construction estimate will be right the first time every time.

Our construction cost estimator comes with prepopulated lists of materials that you can easily add up to 100 items per list. You can add your specific labor rates, overhead and profit percentage, with accurate material pricing, to ensure that your bid will be accurate and profitable every time, without the use of spreadsheets, paper plans or an expensive digitizer.

The biggest problem with spreadsheets is the margin for user error. How many times have you accidentally entered an extra digit in a formula, or deleted one, and spent way too long trying to figure out why your total wasn’t calculating properly?

With our construction estimating software the program does the work for you. All you have to do is enter in the measurements and select which materials you’ll be using from a drop down menu.

Below are a few screenshots of our drywall calculator to show you just how easy this construction estimator is to use. To see the entire drywall, acoustical ceiling tile or roofing app, download the entire program and use it for 14 days on us.

Add New Wall Type:

Notice in the drywall app screen shot that only 4 entries need to be made. The rest are selecting from drop downs. And if you don’t need an item, you can leave it blank.

Name the wall, place the length, height, number of finished sides and the location of the walls from the prepopulated but totally customizable list and you’re well on the way to creating a perfect drywall bid.

Next, using the prepopulated lists, select the joint compound, tape, texturing and resilient channel that you have decided to use on the job. Enter the RC OC spacing and how many layers you’ll be installing then finish by selecting the finish labor from the drop-down list. And click add board 1. With our construction estimating software, if you require a second board for the walls, you will be offered a screen to add board 2. It’s really that easy.

Material Report:

Once you’ve entered the information on the Add New Wall Type screen, our construction estimating software creates a material report for you. It takes into consideration all the materials needed to do the job along with waste percentage and coverage per SQ FT.

One of the many benefits of Pro Bid Drywall estimating app, is that you can adjust the waste percentage and coverage that best suits your style of work. To see how this works, check out the Supplier Quote System section below.

Bid Detail:

Your bid detail report is automatically generated as a by product of entering the information on the Add New Wall Type Screen. This requires no additional input on your part.

Another benefit of our estimating software is it helps you eliminate costly mistakes that result from calculation errors. There are no broken formulas in our program like you might have if you created your own spreadsheet.

Supplier Quote System

See How Easy It Is To Shop Multiple Vendors For The Lowest Price On All The Materials You Need

You can now shop multiple vendors quickly and easily with our supplier quote system to make sure that you get the best, and most current, price on the construction materials that you need for the job.

In the featured drywall app, simply select the material that you require from the Board List by clicking the check box next to the item. The Board List includes everything from 1” shaft liner to 5/8 Type X 4’6” X 12’ boards. Next, select the materials that you want from the Finishes List, which includes everything you may need: corner bead, screws, nails, metal resilient channel, joint compound, adhesive tubes, joint tape and texture.

Select the supplier from your list, add any notes you may want to add and click ok. Your request is immediately forwarded to the supplier. The supplier fills out the request and you get an email notification that your supplier quote is in the app. It’s that simple!

Our construction estimating software has the price summation in each suppliers quote that quickly shows you which supplier is offering you the best price. Select the supplier’s quote that you like best and it will be input to your quote and your pricing is automatically updated.

Below are a few screenshots to show you just how easy this supplier quote system is to use. To see the entire system either view the video above or download the entire drywall, acoustical ceiling tile or roofing app for free and use it for 14 days on us.

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Simple – Quick – Effective – Accurate – Profitable
About Pro Bid Apps

Very powerful, yet easy to use construction estimating software, that allows users to quickly and accurately develop material lists with a detailed project bid.


Pro Bid Apps is the only true cross platform construction estimating software with the most robust features that fits any wallet at $97 per month! The competition charges in the thousands, requires hundreds of additional man hours to setup and can be difficult to use.

Our construction estimator is a very powerful, yet easy to use estimating tool, that allows users to quickly and accurately develop material lists with a detailed project bid. The Supplier Quote system allows the user to solicit pricing directly out of the app quickly through the export and import feature.

Although it is a very robust piece of software, the user does not feel overwhelmed by it, like the competition. We have changed the entire estimating process because it only requires just a few minutes to setup and uses point and click functions. No other construction cost estimator on the market comes close to the ease and cost of ours!

Try the free 14 Day Trial and see for yourself!

Our Story

The Pro Bids Apps team was founded by professional construction estimators by trade, not computer geeks. We have used most of the various expensive estimating software, only to be disappointed. We searched for a one solution software and discovered it does not exist. The construction industry with all its systems and processes is too massive for one software to manage. We realized breaking it down into each specialty is much more manageable while giving the user a more enjoyable estimating experience.

After some friendly conversations with a software developer and explaining the challenges with software companies and the disconnects, an idea developed to build our own piece of construction estimating software. Our suite has a series of apps dedicated to each specialty contractor.