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Pro Bid ACT is a state-of-the-art bill of materials and bidding system for the acoustical ceilings industry. Whether you’re an ACT contractor or material supplier this app will change the way that you develop material lists and bids forever! This extremely powerful, yet easy to use cross platform app is available for Windows and Mac. Pro Bid ACT is so easy to use that there is virtually no learning curve involved. You will be up and running with your first project in Pro Bid ACT within the first day. There is no faster, easier way to develop detailed material and bid reports for your ACT project and you won’t find a better value!

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This app was designed specifically for the Acoustical Ceiling industry so it’s extremely accurate and efficient. Finally, a trade specific construction estimating app that does exactly what you need it to do with no work around or custom software setup required!

Acoustical Ceiling Tile Estimating App That's Easy to Use

acoustic ceiling materialsThe easy to use dashboard allows you to add and edit all of the ceilings in your projects with just a few buttons. No confusing drop-down menus to have to search through and figure out how to use. The material and labor lists come pre-loaded with items in the app but can be completely modified and customized by you. The lists create a database of material and labor items that you use to select from when creating all of the ceilings in your project. Each item in the lists include the item name, coverage amount for quantity calculations, waste percentage that is applied to the quantity calculation and the unit cost. All items are accounted for including all grid materials, tile materials, hanger wire, and any other custom material items that you want to add to the lists. You can add multiple labor costs to the Labor List to cover all install applications & scenarios.

Another cutting-edge built-in feature is the Supplier Quote System. Simply select material items from your lists and click the “Request Quote” button. A web form ACT material list is instantly generated. Select a supplier from your contacts list and the app sends an email to that supplier containing a link to your list. The supplier fills in the updated pricing from any device or computer with any pertinent notes and submits it. You can view multiple quotes from within the app which show you a price summation for each quote, so you know which supplier is giving you the best pricing. Once you have decided which quote that you want to import into the app click the “Import Quote” button. The pricing for each item that was included in the quote is instantly updated both in your database lists as well as the current job that is opened in the app at the time of the import. With this system, there is no manual database maintenance needed. It’s an entirely automated system designed to save you time and increase accuracy!

Fast, Accurate ACT Quotes

drop ceiling calculatorEverything that you need to quickly and easily generate the most accurate ACT material lists and bids possible has been built into this app. The Pro Bid ACT calculator is the most efficient way to generate the reports that you need to win more bids. It’s simple math. The more bids that you can submit per year, the more jobs that you win and the more money that you make! Pro Bid ACT can easily cut your current bid process time in half! Think of how that will positively affect your bottom line!

Some future software updates include the addition of a cloud folder that will allow you to move job files to the cloud for safe keeping as well as to move them from 1 device to another. Pro Bid Takeoff is our soon to be released easy to use digital takeoff app. Pro Bid Takeoff combined with Pro Bid ACT will handle your complete estimating and bidding solution from start to finish. Import your plans into Pro Bid Takeoff and perform and export your digital takeoff. Import your takeoff into Pro Bid ACT and seamlessly build your project from your takeoff items!

We guarantee that Pro Bid ACT will be the easiest and most complete ACT estimating software that you have ever used. Cancel your subscription at any time, so there’s no risk involved!

Anyone that is in the acoustical industry, whether they are ceiling installers or supply acoustical ceiling products, can reduce their estimating time in half by using the Pro Bid ACT software.