Fast, Accurate Construction Estimator for Contractors

Benefits of Pro Bid Drywall App

The benefits of Pro Bid Drywall App are many, but to put it simply: you can save time, increase your profits and win more bids! Our drywall estimating software was developed by professional construction estimators specifically for gypsum & drywall contractors.

Compare it to any other estimating program on the market today and you’ll see that our drywall estimating app is the:

  • Easiest bidding app out there
  • Most user-friendly program
  • Best value on the market!

A few other benefits you’ll want to consider are:

  • You can win more jobs in less time
  • Eliminate errors
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Get prices from multiple vendors
  • Raise your bottom line
  • Get your bids done faster
  • Spend more time on jobs, or take on twice as many bids

Is the Drywall App Accurate?

Yes! In fact, there are ZERO calculation errors with our drywall estimating. Unlike manual bids, or spreadsheets, where user error can be a major factor (unintentionally, of course!), with our app, every formula and piece of code has been tested and verified to be totally accurate.

That means that you can now complete your drywall bids in HALF the time, which adds up to higher profits for you.

Benefits of Pro Bid Drywall App

Can I Add a Profit Margin?

Absolutely, the drywall app was created with your profits in mind. Once you have completed the basic steps to create your bid, simply fill out the designated box to add a percentage of extra materials as a cushion, and the other box with the percentage of overhead & profit you’d like to make on the job. The program will do the rest for you!

When you consider that other drywall estimating programs on the market cost THOUSANDS of dollars and require hundreds of hours of your or another employee’s time to set up, we hope you’ll appreciate the care that went into creating this app for our fellow construction professionals.

The benefits of our drywall App also include that we boast the most robust features and the simplest point and click interface out there for the value!

Why Is It a Subscription Model?

The reason we offer the drywall app for a nominal subscription fee rather than a large one-time payment is because we understand that making a long-term commitment with a new product is not always an option for a great majority of contractors. But a low monthly cost without the long term commitment is a solution that any drywall contractor can appreciate!

While the version of our drywall estimating software that hit the market is robust with great features, the creators of the app have many plans for additional features and functionality. We have a team of developers who are hard at work to add more and more useable features to make your drywall estimating easier! For example, the app is currently available on Mac and Windows.

We have many technical advances planned, too, such as a cloud folder feature that will allow you to move job files from your device to your own cloud storage folder on our server.

We also have other apps currently in development that will integrate with Pro Bid Drywall App seamlessly to offer other benefits, too.

Is there a feature you would love to see in our drywall estimating app? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know what would make your bidding and takeoffs easier!