Fast, Accurate Construction Estimator for Contractors

Construction Estimating

The key benefits and features that contractors need with any good construction estimating software is that it is easy to use, fast, flexible, accurate, and affordable! Here at Pro bid Apps, we have designed and built the best desktop construction estimator for drywall, acoustical ceiling tile, roofing and each individual trade contractor with all these key benefits and features!!

Construction Estimating Software With Better Functionality!

Construction Estimating SoftwareOur construction cost estimator allows you to work on any residential or commercial project, whether big or small. You can make your estimates as detailed as needed. You can create job or estimate templates, which can then be cloned for a similar job. You can delete estimates or rename them. You cFan export a job file and import that job file into another computer with the export and import buttons. The app has a folders button that allows you to create, rename, or delete folders to organize your job files. The move button allows you to move job files from one folder to another. The software allows you to search files by hitting the find button, by either selecting the radio button to search by name or date, if you do not remember the job name. This allows you to share your bids with anyone by emailing them as an attachment or sending a link for the recipient to view and print!

Any time there is an update, the update button turns green, triggering you that an update is available and all you need to do is hit the update button. We have a feedback button which automatically sends our tech department your questions or concerns.

Our construction estimating software is the easiest piece of software available on the market. You will be up and running in minutes. You will have 100% knowledge using our product after the first use compared to the more expensive products. It is so easy that the instructional videos are just a few minutes long and the user guides are just a few pages! Do not believe us, see for yourself click on the step by step demonstration video.

Construction Estimator Available for Mac Books, NOT just Windows!

The other takeoff and estimating software companies do not offer their products for MAC. Sadly, Mac users have been an underserved market, until now!

A vast majority of the takeoff software companies are sold just for desktop computers running Windows operating systems. To give the appearance they offer Mac users a solution, they utilize the cloud. The fact is, they do not have a true estimating software for your Mac book. The competition has not fooled you nor our developers with their slick marketing. If you have used their products, then you have experienced firsthand the challenges and slowdowns using their cloud product. Cloud based software is much slower because it uses the internet, to communicate with a cloud server by sending all the commands back and forth.

Construction EstimatorThanks to our developers, we have created a state-of-the-art hybrid estimating software that combines the best of both worlds; combining the processing speed of your device with cloud integration. This results in the best possible application. We integrated both, a locally installed application with cloud-based features within our software.

With any construction estimate there is high volume of data being processed in the back ground. Since our application is locally installed, the advantage for you is that you will experience much faster speeds compared to the cloud-based systems. Another advantage with the fact that Pro Bid Apps gets installed locally, strictly working on your computer’s processor, it is much better at handling the amount of data and commands that are being done.

Another disadvantage with those other construction estimators using the web is besides the slow downs, is you cannot work if the internet is down or you are working remotely and can not access a Wi-Fi connection.

The web is best suited for cloud integration functions. Our supplier quote system with its web-based RFP process is the perfect solution for integrating pricing with your suppliers.

The other software companies that have been around for a while are using 15-year-old technology and have not enhanced their systems because it is just too expensive. Our construction estimating software is cutting edge technology!

Contractor Estimating Software Available for Every Trade!

Our company has deployed a family of construction estimating for every trade contractor. Our series of trade applications was specifically built for each individual subcontractor with a focus on their industry. Whether you perform residential or commercial contracting, we have you covered. The material products in our trade specific software is unique to your specific industry. Every part and piece of material that our customers need has been implemented into estimating software.

Construction Cost EstimatorOur customers need a construction estimator that provides estimates faster to their customers. Project owners want their project estimates now! With such high demands on contractors and the software industry not delivering solutions, we have capitalized on this complex and challenging industry.

Pro Bid Drywall our first product release is the best estimating software on the market. Any drywall contractor will see that it is the easiest piece of construction estimating software. There are NO calculations to be performed. This is a drywall calculator and so much more. No other calculator on the market can be installed on 3 different devises for no other additional licensing fees. Our estimating app comes with free updates and since it is a subscription, there is ZERO risk because you can cancel any time.

Various Contractor Estimate Reports

We have the best reports with our software. The software comes with a built-in industry database for material, labor, and equipment items that can be edited to meet your needs. You can easily add or delete material or labor items.

The software automates the completion of your bid and has fields that you can add up to 15-line items to cover items that are typical for a bid submittal such as a scope of work, bid exclusions, and notes regarding your bid. Most of the other construction estimating packages you must purchase a report builder or a report writer in order to have this feature. Or the other challenge with the other estimating programs is you must write your bid in a stand-alone word processing software such as Microsoft word. Our software totally integrates your bid proposal. Your bid can be emailed directly from the software to your customer either as an attachment or a link for them to download.

Pro Bid Apps is a Software Assisted Services company based in the United States. Our focus is building the best takeoff and estimating software. We do not bundle project management tools nor accounting with our estimating software.