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Pro Bid Drywall Craftsman is a very powerful, yet easy to use cross platform app for Windows and MAC that will allow you to quickly and accurately develop drywall material lists and a detailed project bid using national average construction pricing that is modified to fit your location. The app incorporates data from the Craftsman estimator cost book including area modifiers by zip code.

Craftsman has been a trusted construction cost authority for over 65 years! When you subscribe to or purchase our Craftsman estimating software, there is no additional data cost or subscription required! You will have the peace of mind of knowing that you always have the most current up-to-date pricing and area modifiers provided in free software updates.

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Until now, generating drywall estimates & bids using national average cost books was a very time consuming, tedious process. With the Craftsman national estimator, you get the speed and ease of use of Pro Bid Drywall combined with the convenience of using national average cost data eliminating the need for you to obtain or determine your own material and labor pricing. The result is a cutting-edge app that is the fastest way to generate an accurate bid and detailed material reports for any project in the United States or Canada.

The Best Way to Estimate Drywall Residential & Commercial Construction Costs

In the past, estimating residential construction costs has been one of the most difficult tasks to perform for drywall contractors. Whether you are bidding residential, commercial or any other type of construction containing drywall our Craftsman cost estimator has you covered. Imagine the convenience of not having to obtain and maintain your own pricing database to bid projects with! The Craftsman estimator puts the power of area modified national average pricing at your fingertips. It will simplify your bidding process allowing you to complete project bids much faster which means that you can bid many more drywall projects per year allowing you to grow your business.

Eliminate the need to obtain a drywall price chart or to determine on your own the cost to finish drywall or the cost to texture drywall. The Craftsman estimating software works like a drywall bid template and guides you through the process step by step. Many contractors are faced with fast approaching bid deadlines and must try to determine the average price to hang and finish drywall per sheet in order to complete their bid on time. This is a much more accurate approach because it provides more detailed unit pricing and allows you to modify the quantity calculations by adjusting coverage amounts, waste percentage and your local tax percentage. You can also modify any of the item names or modified prices in the material and labor lists if needed. If you need something in your bid that is not pre-loaded in the lists simply add that item with local pricing to the appropriate list or add a lump sum item to the bid.

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Now You Can Quickly Bid Drywall Projects with Confidence!

Bidding projects using area modified national average costs is a luxury that has only been afforded to large companies that can pay for the books or subscription to the data and staff full time estimators to handle the time-consuming process. With the Craftsman estimator cost book, ANYONE in the drywall industry can now quickly and easily develop bids using area modified national average costs and do it from a computer for Windows and MAC.

There has never been an easier, faster way to generate detailed drywall reports and a project bid using reliable industry costs that you can trust, modified to fit your specific project location. You’ll receive free software updates, so you’ll always have up-to-date pricing and area modifiers!