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Pro Bid Drywall estimating software is a very powerful, yet easy to use cross platform application for desktops that users can quickly and accurately develop material lists and a detailed project bid. The drywall app is currently available for Mac & Windows. It is a one of a kind construction estimating tool for the gypsum board industry, with greater value than any other estimating software on the market today.

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The drywall estimating software is designed specifically for anyone in the drywall business. Whether you are contractor or a gypsum material broker needing to prepare an itemized and accurate materials list or a bid, our app was created and designed just for you!

Drywall Estimating App That's Easy to Use

At its core, it has a very user-friendly dashboard. There only a few buttons within the software, with drop menus for selections. It comes with a standard gypsum database, containing a list of drywall boards and finishes with labor items. It contains various report selections, along with a supplier quote system and a drywall takeoff calculator. Our help video and user guides contain step by step instructions.

Any professional using our drywall app will discover estimating a project is a breeze compared to any of the traditional estimating programs. Users of the app do not even have to have a construction background nor an estimating background. It is so simple that owner-builders can use it for their drywall construction projects.

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One of the benefits of Pro Bid drywall app is you can work on it using multiple devices at different times. Example: Let’s say you walk the job site, and all you do is record within the app all the necessary wall and ceiling measurements. Then you return to the office, using your Windows desktop computer, you generate your bid detail and quote. Lastly, you go home at night and continue working on your desktop by emailing the quotes directly from the software to your customers. This kind of convenience and flexibility is not found with any other piece of software.

Fast, Accurate Drywall Quotes

Another great function of the app is the ease of soliciting drywall quotes from local gypsum suppliers. It is a totally web-based RFP process that streamlines the connection between contractor and supplier. There is nothing on the market currently that we have found with this unique feature!

The app has cloud storage, so job files can be stored and retrieved from any device!

Our drywall estimating app has totally simplified and increased for drywall professionals, their bid output because of the ingenuity and simplicity using it. Not a single aspect of this app is either challenging or overwhelming for the user. It doesn’t take any additional man hours or expensive training to use the app. The competition typically requires hundreds of hours to build a database, then additional costs purchasing enhancements and report builders.

Our claim with our product, is that it is the easiest, most user-friendly product with such great value, when compared to any other drywall estimating software on the market today!

Anyone that is in the drywall industry, whether they are hangers, finishers, or gypsum suppliers, can reduce their estimating time in half by using our drywall app.