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Pro Bid’s Roofing estimating software was designed and built as a joint effort with the founder and a managing member. The founder was a licensed general contractor for many years who did his own roof estimating using various types of construction estimating software. A managing member of the company has 15 years of roofing field experience and is a roofing cost estimator. This perfect partnership helped create the easiest and most robust roofing estimating software available on the market. Every detail a roofing contractor would need to assemble a detailed roofing bid is implemented into our estimating software.

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Roofing Estimating Software That’s Easy To Use

The inspiration to build a one of kind roofing estimating software was the overwhelming disappointment using the other popular and expensive estimating software programs. The other roofing estimating software systems require a huge amount of setup, which is extremely complex and not user friendly at all, unless you are a computer programmer. Coupled with the fact that the reports are not designed for the typical life cycle of a project. We cognized these failures and spent 2 years developing the easiest and best roofing estimating software for every trade contractor.

Pro Bid Roofing was designed to meet the need of every major roofing estimator whether you are a residential roofing contractor or commercial roofing contractor. We understand the importance of having a takeoff software designed for the roofing industry, so your estimates have all the necessary flashing details, such as chimney’s, parapet walls, curbs, all roof top penetrations, and crickets just to name a few.

The simplistic Home Menu has a button for your company information and another button for your project information. There are only 4 buttons for adding your material items. And to keep it even more simple, there are only four edit buttons for the same items. You can create, clone, copy and move any of your roofing estimate templates.

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Roof Material Calculator – Fast, Accurate Quotes

When starting your roof estimate the software will prompt you with a pop-up message requesting the roof measurements by asking if the roof area has a pitch or is it flat. No other roofing takeoff software has this feature. It has a drop-down list for every item that needs to be part of your roof bid, such as the roof insulation, the roof underlayment, and fasteners to name a few. If you do not enter a required field, the construction estimating software will give you a notification.
The Material and Labor lists come pre-loaded with roofing industry items which can be completely modified and are customizable. The Location list also comes pre-loaded with standard areas of a building for doing any roofing estimate which also is customizable. The flexibility allows you to generate the most accurate roof estimate
The Contacts list is where you enter your roofing vendors information and customers, so you can email them when necessary.

The one of a kind Supplier Quote System allows you to simply select the roofing material items from your lists and click the “Request Quote” button. A pop-up will prompt you to select the supplier you want to solicit pricing from. A web form roofing material list is instantly generated. Select a roofing supplier from your contacts list and the construction estimating software sends an email to that specific supplier containing a link to your list. The supplier fills in the updated pricing from any device or computer with any notes and submits it. You can view multiple quotes from within the app which show you a price summation for each quote, so you know which roofing supplier is giving you the best overall pricing. Once you have decided which quote that you want to import into the app click the “Import Quote” button. The pricing for each item that was included in the quote is instantly updated both in your database lists as well as the current job that is opened in the app at the time of the import. With this system, there is no manual database maintenance needed. It’s an entirely automated system designed to save you time and increase accuracy!

This is more than a roof measurement tool. It has a state-of-the-art bill of materials and bidding system for the roofing industry. Whether you’re a roofing contractor trying to estimate the costs for a commercial building or a roofing material supplier this roofing takeoff software will change the way that you develop commercial roof estimates!

Roofing Estimator App

This extremely powerful, yet easy to use roofing estimator app app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and coming next year for Android. Pro Bid Roofing is so easy to use that there is virtually no learning curve involved. Our roofing contractors are bidding projects within the first day. There is no faster, easier way to develop a detailed roof estimate and bid reports for a roofing project and you won’t find a better value!

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We guarantee that our roofing calculator will be the easiest and most complete roofing estimating software that you have ever used. Not happy, cancel your subscription at any time, so there’s no risk involved!

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