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Supplier Quote System

The supplier quote system included in our app will make getting quotes much easier when you bid on projects. Imagine being able to click a few buttons and have your bid go out to multiple vendors? It is easier (and more affordable) than ever before with our estimating software.

How Does The Supplier Quote System Work?

With our incredibly easy to use supplier quote system, your bill of materials is created for you. All you do is add the various walls and ceilings on the build. Then select which boards, finishes and labor items you’ll want to use for each (a full list of industry standard selections is already populated in the program - you just make your selection from a dropdown), and your lists are ready to go.

With just one click in our app, you’ll be on the list tab, where you can select all the materials you want to send out for a quote. Head on over to the supplier quote tab, and you can send your bid to as many vendors as you’d like to get pricing from. You will have the option to enter any notes you’d like them to see, too.

Each of these suppliers will receive an email stating that a quote is needed, along with a link they can click to access your request. There will be a simple page waiting for them, where they can submit their pricing on each item, and include any notes as necessary.

Once they have entered their pricing, they simply submit the form and you will receive an email that your quote is ready! By heading back into estimating app, you can compare the quotes you have received, and quickly tell where you’re going to get the best pricing.

When you’ve made up your mind as to which quote to go with, you’ll hit the “import” button, which will then populate those prices in your bid.

Your proposal is now ready to go!

How Much is the Supplier Quote System?

This incredibly easy to use supplier quote system is included in the app and comes with many other useful features that will make your estimating process faster and easier than ever before.

We have never seen a estimating software like this before, and set out to create the easiest, most affordable system in the world. Created by construction professionals for construction professionals, we are confident this app will save you time and help you increase your profits!

Still have questions on how it works? Watch the video on our home page and see it in action.

You are able to download the full app for FREE for two weeks and see how much easier it makes your life. Available on Windows, Mac.

One of the many benefits of the supplier quote system is that you can start a bid on the job site on a tablet and finish it from home on your laptop. You can also Submit your RFPs from your computer in the office and take a look at the responses on your computer at home the next morning. However you prefer to work, you’ll love how easy estimating app can be. It requires no special training, and is ready to use within minutes. You’ve got nothing to lose! Try it free for 14 days!